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Retired Life by Hope Scott

I retired from my job as an educator and campus technology specialist in 2018! I am currently the author of the podcast, "Five Minutes in the Word."  The podcast is available on several platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and more!  I also am an amateur photography.  I am also an Avon representative. 

My Experience:   I created this site when I was a Web Design teacher.  I taught 10 years at Memorial High School in Port Arthur, Texas.  I also served as campus technologist.  I was the first Campus Tech to stream a high school graduation in our area!  I designed and kept the campus site up-to-date, no small fete.   
I am now retired from the school district, though I am involved through the Port Arthur City Council PTA as its treasurer.  I am now a podcaster, photographer, and volunteer at my church as its videographer and Web master for the church site. Almost forgot! I am an Avon Representative!  

My Philosophy:   I have always felt that teachers are facilitators, creating learning experiences that motivate and provide structure in a secure environment where students can become responsible for his/her own learning. In my classroom, students are encouraged to explore, manipulate and create, question and discover, think, speak, work cooperatively, and evaluate themselves.   

My new focus allows me to continue learning and growing.

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