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My Experience:   I taught Web Design for 10 years at Memorial High School in Port Arthur, Texas.  I also served as campus technologist.  As technologist, it was my responsibility to encourage and help teachers use technology in their classrooms, help teachers use best practices for implementing the use of technology in the classroom, train teachers on innovative resources provided by the district, and more.  I also created and maintained our school Web site.  I made sure that students were able to celebrate their accomplishments by adding information and pictures to the campus' screens and marquees.  I also helped troubleshoot and repaire technology issues.

My Philosophy:   Teachers are facilitators, creating learning experiences that motivate and provide structure in a secure environment where students can become responsible for his/her own learning. In my classroom, students are encouraged to explore, manipulate and create, question and discover, think, speak, work cooperatively, and evaluate themselves.   

Understanding and editing code is vital for a great site!  Tutorial sites I  recommend are:

Also, to avoid copyright issues, I feel it is vital to have your own content on your site.  There are many online photo editors that can be used to enhance your images and to created animated gifs for your site. 

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