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Reflections | Multimedia and Video Technology

Posted by Hope Scott on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 Under: multimedia and video technology

The outcomes I envisioned for Multimedia and Video Technology does not match the information I have gained.  When I looked at the pre-course self evaluation, I realized that there is a lot I did not know about multimedia and video technology.  As a matter of fact, my total score was 24.  The outcomes far exceeded my expectations.  I envisioned learning how to do more with video editing.  I did not know I would learn the following skills:

  • instructional design skills to determine the goal of instruction and select instructional strategies and multimedia elements.

  • writing skills to write content.

  • information architecture skills to structure the content, so it is easy to follow and access.

  • graphic design skills to develop clear and attractive navigation and explanatory graphics.

  • multimedia skills to work with instructional designers to create interactive elements.

  • usability research skills to make sure that the whole worked well and would not frustrate learners.

·         infrastructure skills to make sure it would work on the client’s systems.

The insight and information I gained in this course will be very valuable and relevant for what I do in school.  I am working on updating the school website and I am anxious to add video to the site.  I feel that the interactivity will give depth to our sight.  Many students look at other schools and wonder why our site is so limited in its scope.  I plan to change that, a little at a time, and with the help of some very talented students.

One outcome I did not achieve is learning how to troubleshoot my video editing efforts.  The class did not have this as its scope and sequence.  I also did not have an opportunity to try Synchronous Web conferencing, which would have allowed me to share my desktop, documents, and presentations securely; control online meeting access; and communicate and collaborate instantly.  We did everything via Facebook or our Wiki sites.  The assignments were completed successfully.  The PSA was a great experience.  My team included real video professionals.  That made the project look and feel professional.  I know that if I had tried to complete it with the equipment and software I have at home, it would have been mediocre. 

I learned that video technology entails more than the finished product.  I learned the titles and jobs of the people behind the scene.  I learned how hard it is to do a voiceover.  I also learned how hard it is to storyboard.  Some people make these things seem so very easy.  I have a greater appreciation for them and their abilities  My leadership skills were stepped up a level on the PSA project.  I had to actually disagree with someone and not feel afraid to hurt their feelings.  I learned that I do have some good ideas, and I learned from my team members that I have a nice voice.  I learned to appreciate what I can bring to the table, so to speak.  I also think this experience will help shape some of the cooperative projects that I assign my students.  I am thinking of something that they can do cooperatively.  Right now, the Web design team for the campus Web site will have to learn to talk to each other.  They are just learning each other and I am hoping that their collaboration will produce a great product.  They will have the proof of a portfolio not just the promise of a resume (Nelson, R. 2008). 

Nelson, Randy. (2008). Learning and working in the collaborative age: A new model for the workplace. Edutopia. Retrieved April 23, 2009 from http://www.edutopia.org/randy-nelson-school-to-career-video.

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