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Reflections: Creating a Personal Brand

Posted by Hope Scott on Monday, December 6, 2010 Under: digital graphics
My list words that describes: Happy, content, motivated, loner, quiet, reflective, entrepreneurial, independent, traveler, stable.
My goal in creating the design: My goal was to create a logo my travel site. The logo should be sleek and have travel themes without being too prefabricated. I wanted my logo to incorporate rest, relaxation, flair, and be whimsical. I wanted to say all this with pictures.
The elements of good design included: The elements I tried to incorporate included the following from David Airey: "Iconic logos are:
• Describable • Memorable • Effective without color • Scalable i.e. work when just an inch in size • Relevant to the industry in question (Airey, 2007)."
I tried to use the design elements we learned in Week One, namely proximity, contrast, alignment, and repetition. I tried to repeat colors throughout the design. I also wanted to use contrast colors. Microsoft makes this process easy, I simply chose clipart with the same color families. The fonts are not consistent, I chose them for interest and legibility. I place the smiley on the luggage, he had to be scaled and other elements had to be removed to do this. I also made sure the logo was scalable. It looks okay, but could look better at an inch. It was not very legible at an inch. I chose left, or near left alignment for the name of the site. I tried to center align the slogan under it. Proximity is defined by the placement of the elements in relation to the picture of the modes of transportation. I tried to place my titles close to the top even though I played with moving it in different places on the design. I also placed smiley close to the bags at the bottom of the design.
How does final design reflect me: I love to travel. My logo reflects that. It is also for my travel site. I have been playing with the concept for a few months and had not really defined it. The logo reflects my fun side, though it is not obvious or evident to most people because of my laid-back attitude :~). I had created a travel logo with lots of frilly curly things and modes of travel in the background and a cute font. The one below has modes of transportation and the smiley face. I love the smiley face. I have him, or a version of him, on almost anything I create. He is universal and I think he represents stability. So that is another element of my logo, stability. I do not want to seem like the type of person who is fickle and uncertain. It also reflects simplicity. Travelers need to know that their agent has done all the legwork. It lacks hotels in the background - the most profitable market for travel agents. The logo also show I have a lot to learn about creating a logo. I am not totally satisfied with it; it is a work in progress. 

What makes a good logo? Airey, D. (2007) Retrieved November 28, 2010 from http://www.davidairey.com/what-makes-a-good-logo/.

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Tags: "logo design" "design elements" proximity contrast alignment repetition 

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