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Reflection: Constructivism, Connectivism, and Cyborg Theories

Posted by Hope Scott on Sunday, February 27, 2011 Under: teaching with technology

Constructivism, Connectivism, and Cyborg Theories.

I watched three videos that discussed these theories. Most in education, including me, are acquainted with Constructivism as taught by Vygotsky. The other theories, Connectivism and Cyborg, were foreign to me.

Constructivism Theory suggest that we construct learning by actively being involved in learning[1]. This notion is counter to traditional learning theories where teachers impart knowledge while students sit and listen. Constructivism suggest that the learner must be involved in constructing knowledge.

The idea of "Connectivism is driven by the understanding that decisions are based on rapidly altering foundations. New information is continually being acquired. The ability to draw distinctions between important and unimportant information is vital. The ability to recognize when new information alters the landscape based on decisions made yesterday is also critical."[2]

But, as I viewed the three videos discussing the theories, the one that really caught my attention was Cyborg Theory.[4] The idea behind this theory, according to Dr. Mason, is founded upon the way humans and machines interact.[4] Professor Warwick struck me as very strange, to say the least. The idea of someone implanting themselves, even in the name of science, is beyond science fiction to me. I watched in awe as he showed himself being implanted with a device. But, stranger still was the device he had implanted that connected him and his brain to a computer and to his wife. I do not know that this technology is in our future, Professor Warwick feels that it is and that it will have an impact on the medical field. I am interested to see the implications for education. Students love technology, but I cannot imagine them wanting to be implanted by devices. Plausible, still, is the idea that humans would want to recreate themselves. I can imagine parents wanting devices implanted into their newborn or even to babies while still in the womb, to create a super race of humans. These super-humans will have built in devices to fight disease or built in memories of the past.

Of the three theories, I am most comfortable with Constructivism.  I am sure over the course of my studies, I will learn more and will gain an appreciation for the others.

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