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This blog was created for coursework for my Master of Education in Educational Leadership in 2011. 
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Reflections: Curriculum Management

Posted by Hope Scott on Tuesday, February 22, 2011, In : curriculum management 
Reflection One: Educational Leadership Constituent Council Standard 2 “ELCC Standard 2: Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by promoting a positive school culture, providing an effective instructional program, applying best practice to student learning, and designing comprehensive professional growth plans for staff.
Curriculum management is essential to success in our schools. The information...
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Using Data to Make Decisions about Curriculum and Instruction

Posted by Hope Scott on Thursday, February 10, 2011, In : curriculum management 

What has been your experience in using data to make decisions about curriculum and instruction?  I had to focus on data while preparing my 6th grade students for the reading TAKS test.  I would work with the other 6th grade reading teacher to try to find stories and strategies to help our students be successful.  We also looked at ways to include technology and were instrumental in getting Read180 implemented on our campus. Our principal insisted that we looked at disaggregated data from  ele...
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Evaluating Board of Education Policy

Posted by Hope Scott on Tuesday, February 8, 2011, In : curriculum management 

Does school district policy contain provisions for curriculum and instruction? Explain.

After many minutes of searching, I accidently found the district policy online.[1]  The policy indicates whether the policy is local or legal.  A perusal of the board policy shows that it addresses:

~ curriculum development - including innovative and magnet programs,

~ curriculum design - including basic instructional programs and special programs,

~ basic instructional material - includes separate s...

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Curriculum Management Audits

Posted by Hope Scott on Tuesday, February 8, 2011, In : curriculum management 
What has been your experience with curriculum management audits? Would your school district benefit from this process? Explain.
Like most of my peers I have not experienced a curriculum management audit, furthermore, this course is my first encounter with the term curriculum management audit. After viewing the lecture, I know that our school and district would benefit from the process. I also feel that individual foundation curriculum courses would also benefit from a curriculum management aud...

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Relevancy of Classic Curriculum Theories of Ralph Tyler and Hilda Taba

Posted by Hope Scott on Monday, January 24, 2011, In : curriculum management 
Two of your readings this week focused on the relevancy of the classic curriculum theories/models of Ralph W. Tyler and Hilda Taba. Based on the readings and what you have learned in this course so far, do you think the Tyler and Taba models remain applicable to 21st century teaching and learning? Explain.
According to Dr. Arterbury, "curriculum encompasses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and processes to be taught and learned at the appropriate levels or courses in a district's sch...

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Reflection: Week 1 of Curriculum Management

Posted by Hope Scott on Monday, January 24, 2011, In : curriculum management 
What is curriculum management?  According to Dr. Elvis H. Arterbury,  Professor, Department of Educational Administration of Lamar University, "It is the process of providing leadership on the development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum and assessments that focus on academic success for all students. (2011)"

This week I looked at the six components of the Texas Education Agency Learning System including the minimum state provisions, desirable local provisions for each of the six ...
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Curriculum: Definition and Purpose

Posted by Hope Scott on Sunday, January 23, 2011, In : curriculum management 
How do you define curriculum? Curriculum is what teachers need to teach and what students need to learn to master a course. The curriculum must include all that students need to be able to do and understand prior to going to the next level or grade. It also must prepare students for assessments to be administered throughout the course and at the end of the course.
What do you see as the purpose of curriculum? The purpose of curriculum is to prepares students. If teachers did not have w...

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Summary of Curriculum Requirements for Texas

Posted by Hope Scott on Sunday, January 23, 2011, In : curriculum management 

"The Texas Education Code (TEC) is a set of the state statutes (laws) governing public education in Texas. It applies to all educational institutions supported in whole or in part by state tax funds, unless specifically excluded by the code. The TEC directs the goals and framework of public education in Texas. It is established by the Texas Legislature."[1]

74.1  Essential Knowledge and Skills

This section, 74.1,  of the education code contains required curriculum for students from kinder...

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