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This blog was created for coursework for my Master of Education in Educational Leadership in 2011. 
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TF-VI Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues

Posted by Hope Scott on Sunday, June 12, 2011, In : Internship 
Technology Facilitator Standard VI: Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues
TF-VI   Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues
Educational technology facilitators understand the social, ethical, legal, and human issues surrounding the use of technology in P-12 schools and assist teachers in applying the understanding in their practice.
Self –Assessment
Standard IV (Williamson and Redish, 2009) requires technologist to help schools and districts in the realm of social, ethical, legal, and human ...
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TF-V Productivity and Professional Practice

Posted by Hope Scott on Sunday, June 12, 2011, In : Internship 
TF-V          Productivity and Professional Practice
Educational technology facilitators apply technology to enhance and improve personal productivity and professional practice.  
Self –Assessment
Some key points from Chapter Five, Productivity and Professional Practice (Williamson and Redish), that learned and need to remember as technologist are: 
    •Students benefit indirectly when educators use technology to enhance their own productivity and professional practice.  When teachers know a...
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Reflections - EDLD 5368 Instructional Design

Posted by Hope Scott on Wednesday, June 8, 2011, In : Internship 
EDLD 5368  Instructional Design

Instructional Design is a course I really enjoyed, even though my grade does not reflect it.  I learned the basics of creating effective instructional design for online courses and professional development and the principles of instruction design. The assignments taught me a new way to approach instruction, in that I learned about designing a lesson with the end product in mind.
I learned from the Teaching Style Inventory (Texas Collaborative for ...
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TF/TL Standard III - Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum

Posted by Hope Scott on Monday, June 6, 2011, In : Internship 
TF-III          Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum
Educational technology facilitators apply and implement curriculum plans that include methods and strategies for utilizing technology to maximize student learning.
I teach Web Mastering, therefore, I understand the importance of using technology daily in my classroom.  My lesson plans must include the use of technology.  As technology leader on campus, it would become my job to make sure that all teachers understand and impl...
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Reflections - EDLD 5364 Teaching with Technology

Posted by Hope Scott on Sunday, June 5, 2011, In : Internship 

EDLD 5364 - Teaching with Technology
Teaching with Technology was one of my favorite classes because I teach Web Mastering.  The class allowed me to collaborate and create a solution to a scenario-based group project.   This involved creating a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) lesson using the CAST Lesson Builder.  I created an e-book as part of our design (Scott, 2011).  I learned many practical applications to help me challenge my students.  This includes looking at constru...
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Reflections: EDLD 5362 - Information Systems Management

Posted by Hope Scott on Sunday, June 5, 2011, In : Internship 

Reflections - EDLD 5362 Information Systems Management

This class, Information Systems Management, allowed me to get a better look at the importance of student data. I already knew the importance of student data because I was the registrar prior to becoming a teacher. The class confirmed the adage, student data is what pays the bills, plain and simple. We must get this right for everything else to be right. Additionally, I learned that, "Four key ideas continually surface when i...
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