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What I Have Learned about Action Research

Posted by Hope Scott on Thursday, August 19, 2010 Under: Action Research
  • Please share one specific topic of your greatest insight or new learning – what really caught your interest.
Strategies for Sustaining Improvement section of Examining What We Do to Improve Schools gave me the greatest insight. I did not realize that there were names for the strategies we use almost daily at school.
  • Please share one specific area where you still want to learn more.

One area I would like to learn more about is management, time, and career training. The link at has resources I plan to explore in-depth when I have more time. I know this information will help my students as they prepare for life beyond high school. Many do not have career goals and need a little guidance. I know that there are literature holders in many areas at LIT with this type of information; students need to know this before they get to higher learning.
  • For the area/topic you identified in Part (b), please state what you will do to continue to build your applied knowledge in this area.

I will continue to build applied knowledge by visiting the Mind Tools website and others like it. I feel that the information they have to offer will help not only me, but my students and peers. I know I have a tendency to procrastinate. I try not to, but I do. I also know that as I continue to work toward a position of management, I will need to have training to be effective. 

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