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Reflections | Post-Production PSA

Posted by Hope Scott on Tuesday, September 28, 2010, In : multimedia and video technology 

Our group worked together to create a PSA that is relevant and practical.  We all worked on voice-over narrations and finally chose narrations recorded by me and Jack Robertson.  We re-worked the opening scene because it was a little dark in a macabre way, shot one, was shot and edited; entire video was pieced together and edited along with voice-over narrations,  background music, and scrolling end credits.  The four of us on this team have communicated through our group wiki, trading ideas ...

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Reflections | Multimedia and Video Technology

Posted by Hope Scott on Tuesday, September 28, 2010, In : multimedia and video technology 

The outcomes I envisioned for Multimedia and Video Technology does not match the information I have gained.  When I looked at the pre-course self evaluation, I realized that there is a lot I did not know about multimedia and video technology.  As a matter of fact, my total score was 24.  The outcomes far exceeded my expectations.  I envisioned learning how to do more with video editing.  I did not know I would learn the following skills:

  • instructional design skills to determine the go...

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Reflections on Video Editing Programs

Posted by Hope Scott on Monday, September 6, 2010, In : multimedia and video technology 

"Whether you’re creating a Hollywood feature film or tightening a vacation video, the challenge is to take raw footage and within the limitation of equipment and budget, transform it into something compelling and watchable (Lonquist, 1994)."

I found this quote memorable because I 'try' to edit videos of our Sunday worship services. I do try to transform what I have captured, raw video, into something compelling and watchable. This quote validates what I try to do with our worship video...

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PhotoStory Project

Posted by Hope Scott on Monday, August 30, 2010, In : multimedia and video technology 
Creating a personal digital story was a new experience for me.  The process of writing a script helped to focus on what I wanted to say.  Having a time limit kept me from adding too many unneccessary details to my stoy.  When I wrote my script, I wrote down everygthing I wanted to say. 
My first process was to decide what my story would be about.  Then I found the images I wanted to use.  As I wrote the script, I played in my mind, what I wanted to see.  After finding the pictures, I placed th...
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 Internship Portfolio created using Google sites

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